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What our clients have to say

In 2015 during my incarceration at the Carol Young Unit I met Coach Dee, she was there doing some community outreach work. I was automatically drawn to her with how real she was and the love that she was showing us ladies. She gave me her info and told me to contact her when I got out, so she could help me get into treatment. She has been by my side throughout these years, encouraging me and helping to guide me whenever I have reached out for it. I thank God for her guidance and ability to meet me where I was at, time and time again along my recovery journey. She taught me to be true to myself and to trust in the process of change. Not everyone’s journeys look the same and that’s the beauty of the recovery community. Coach Dee helped me see that my choices are just that, mine and I’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep myself sober and living a life that is healthy with boundaries and practice self control. She helped me with my own Recovery Coaching training, so that I could accomplish my dreams by helping other women like myself. Women like Coach Dee are a rare breed, she continues to help women like myself daily I’m so grateful she came out to Carol Young Unit that day.

Carolyn Schneider

This organization offers excellent peer specialist trainings, in my case RSPS and MHPS. Demetra Sims (Coach Dee) facilitates training that leaves no one in the class behind, you learn as a team. The information is introduced with real world experiences, not made up scenarios. This style of instruction made grasping various concepts very easy, and my comfort level for applying what I've learned in the field of recovery very high.

This organization even offers services that help bridge the gap from training to full Texas Certification including walking you through the state application process, and supervision for your required experience hours.

I highly recommend Strategic Recovery Solutions and Coach Dee for your peer services education!

Jermaine Hines

Coach D is very knowledgeable on the subject and engages with participants in a fun way to make the material more engaging. I am excited to work with her again in the future.

Amanda Morris

Demetra was my instructor for the online core training course. She was informative, energetic, and a great teacher. I liked her teaching style so much that I'll be taking the RSPS certification through her.


One of the most informative trainings that I have taken in a long time. Coach Dee was funny, intuitive, helpful, and genuine. The training was not boring and I was engaged the entire time!

Alene London

I highly recommend Strategic Recovery Solutions and Coach Dee for your peer services education!Coach Dee is an excellent instructor full of knowledge, understanding and experience. She not only trained and assisted me in gaining my MHPS she has been very instrumental in my personal recovery journey.

Latrice Kelley

I just completed my CORE & RSPS training with Strategic Recovery Solutions with Coach Dee. Strategic Recovery Solutions is very professional, organized, and overall an amazing place to receive your training. I highly recommend them!

Brittney Fore

Love this place. Been an intern since August 21 2023 and love the people and mission. Thank you SRS

David Cook

Wonderful instructor. Very knowledgeable about the the topics being taught. Learned a great deal and was a pleasure taking the class.

Wayne Todd


Andrew “Ch33Gm” Smith