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The Peer Specialist Core curriculum is developed as an introduction for potential peer specialist in the substance us and mental health recovery  support communities.

Prior to the Core training, participants must review the HHSC Peer Recovery orientation materials , and submit a signed print-out of the attestation that they read the materials and took the required self-assessments. Those materials can be found here.


This is an interactive course that enhances and prepares people with lived experience in substance use and/or mental health to provide exceptional  peer support services to individuals facing those challenges.  The engagement for those who have been successful in their chosen path of recovery and has chosen to become and remain a tangible source of hope for their peers.

Peer Specialist Support Role

Peer support workers engage in a wide range of activities. These include:

  • Advocating for people in recovery

  • Sharing resources and building skills

  • Building community and relationships

  • Leading recovery groups

  • Mentoring and setting goals


  • Providing services and/or training

  • Supervising other peer workers

  • Developing resources

  • Administering programs or agencies

  • Educating the public and policymakers